Why is it better to order an airport taxi than a normal taxi?

Taxiflughafen.at Vienna offers transfers at fixed prices. Prices are not dependent on traffic, so prices are cheaper than normal taxis.



How can I order an airport taxi?


Taxiflughafen.at Vienna you can order online, by SMS, by email or by phone.



Are the prices related to the person or to the vehicle?


The price refers to the vehicle and not to the person. The size of the vehicle depends on the size and number of the luggage.



Which vehicle can I choose?


Limousine – maximum 3 persons, 2 suitcases and 2 carry-ons.

Combi -. maximum 4 persons, 4 suitcases and 3 hand luggage.

Minivan – up to 8 passengers, 8 suitcases and 8 carry-ons.   



What is the waiting time if I drive in the direction of the airport?


Taxiflughafen.at Vienna waits for you the first 10 minutes for free, after that a surcharge of 5 Euro will be charged for each additional 10 minutes.




Is smoking allowed in the airport taxi?


Smoking in the airport taxi is not allowed.



How do I find my driver?


Your driver will pick you up at the address you have agreed.

When you are picked up from the hotel, our driver will ask for you at the reception. Please stay close by.



I landed at the airport. How do I find my driver?


Your driver is waiting for you, right in the arrivals hall or terminal three departure.

How can I pay at the airport taxi?

Payment is made directly to the driver in the airport taxi. You can pay cash or with credit cards. The fee for processing credit cards is 3 euros.



Can I get an invoice after the trip?


Yes, you just have to tell us (or the driver) your email address and you will receive your invoice by email or receipt. Immediately after driving in the car you will receive a confirmation of the ride.



What should I do if my plane is delayed?


Nothing. We monitor your new arrival time and pick you up at the right time. There are no additional costs charged.


Does the price include a tip?





Can I take animals with me when transferring?


Animals may only be carried in designated transport boxes and transported exclusively in the boot. It will be charged 10 € surcharge.



Are there special conditions for companies?


For hotels and other companies that need us regularly, we can offer special conditions. Please contact us by email: taxiflughafenkontakt@gmail.com .



Can I change my order?


Changes to rides between 07.00 and 22.00 must be announced at least 3 in advance.

Changes to rides between 22.00 and 07.00 must be announced at least 8 hours in advance.


Can I cancel my order?

For cancellations up to max. 5 hours before the departure at the “AN” arrive, no costs will be charged. For cancellations received by this time at the “on”, 50% of the agreed fare will be charged. The invoice will be sent to the “AG” by e-mail and postal address. This is binding and can lead to insolvency proceedings if the 14-day payment period is not complied with.