Vorschriften / Regulations


Terms of Service

All services provided by “taxiflughafen.at” are carried out in compliance with the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are concluded between “taxiflughafen.at” (hereinafter referred to as “AN”) and the customer (hereinafter referred to as “AG”).

1.Field of activity of the service “taxiflughafen.at”
“taxiflughafen.at” acts as a placement website for the services offered on the website. Thus, the “AN” is free to give the order to audited and professional car rental companies.

1.1. Liability and control of, by “ON”
The used car rental companies are checked by “AN”. These companies are self-employed and are responsible for the services provided.

2. Online order / placing of the order
Ordering a ride is possible through the online order via order form, Whats App, Messenger, Facebook Messenger or by phone call to the phone number of “AN”. The acceptance of these terms and conditions is considered as placing an order and is binding, provided that no cancellation by “AG” (see point 6) takes place. The order is placed in the form of a confirmation email to the email address entered by the “AG”.

3. Duties of the “AN”
The “AN” is obliged to execute the order given correctly. Regularity is the punctual appearance, the load of the baggage and the ride in compliance with local traffic regulations, the desired location of the “AG” to understand.

4. Duties / Responsibilities of the “AG”
The duties and responsibilities of the “AG” consist of the following: – To ensure the accuracy of all data entered in the order (name, address, flight date, flight number, number of baggage, etc.). In the event of any changes to the data already submitted, the “AG” is obliged to inform the “AN” immediately.

  • To comply with the ordered pick-up time. In case of non-compliance, which leads to a late arrival time to the desired location of the “AG”, “AN” assumes no liability.
  • Handlebar of the vehicle while driving does not hinder
  • To refrain from smoking in the vehicle
  • To ensure that no luggage is forgotten after arrival in the vehicle and to check for damage, etc. latter
  • Unfortunately, complaints can not be taken on the part of “AN”.

5. terms of payment
Payment will be made after the service has been performed directly in the vehicle. Possible means of payment are: cash and all major credit cards and debit cards. If the “AG” does not want to be willing to pay after the trip has been made, he will receive an invoice including late payment by e-mail and postal address. This is, as well as the journey itself, binding and may result in failure to comply with the 14-day payment period for insolvency proceedings.

5.1. Prices and possible surcharges
The prices quoted during the order on “taxiflughafen.at” are to be understood as fixed prices. When paying by credit card, the “AN” reserves the right to charge a service fee of EUR 3.00 plus the fare. In the case of extreme pollution of the vehicle, and damage by “AG” reserves the “ON” the right to charge surcharges. The costs for cleaning in case of extreme pollution amount to EUR 50.00 flat rate. For damages, the price will be announced only after soliciting the offer of a corresponding professionals.

6. cancellation
For cancellations up to max. 5 hours before the departure at the “AN” arrive, no costs will be charged. For cancellations received by this time at the “on”, 50% of the agreed fare will be charged. The invoice will be sent by e-mail and postal address to the “AG”. This is binding and can lead to insolvency proceedings if the 14-day payment period is not complied with.

7.Fata protection
Data entered for the order by “AG” will be stored on the server of “taxiflughafen.at”. The server is backed up by default by the server provider where “AN” is registered as a customer. In addition, the “AN” uses an SSL / TLS certificate, which encrypts data. The combination of these fuses corresponds to a more than standard backup. Should there be cyberattacks, the “AN” is to be held harmless. Personal data will not be shared by “AN”. However, the “AN” reserves the right to pass on the data to the authorized car hire companies in order to facilitate the execution of the order.

8.Using the tablet
The tablet will be used during the journey to the “AG” for use. Taking the tablet after the ride is strictly prohibited and is considered theft. In such case, the “AN” reserves the right to file an ad. On visits

9. Other / Jurisdiction
Should one of these conditions be ineffective, others remain unaffected by the effectiveness. Should a situation not be described in the conditions, the local laws will come into force. Unless otherwise agreed, the place of jurisdiction is Vienna.